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Disclaimer: This is I, Night Shade, covering my butt and sheltering my precariously perched self against legal attack. I do not own Gundam Wing or Cardcaptors, or anything associated with these two shows. This includes the characters (but a girl can wish, can't she?) Gundam Wing, Cardcaptors, and their characters are owned by the show's creators and all those with copyrights. My site is merely here for entertainment purposes, and infringement of copyrights is not my intent. All I wish to do is spread awareness of these shows and, perhaps, give some people their anime fix. That is all.
~ Night Shade

Gundam Wing and Cardcaptors:
Okay, first I should explain Battles and Cherry Blossoms a bit. First of all, it is a website dedicated to Gundam Wing and Cardcaptors.
Second of all, I, Night Shade, originally co-ran this site with Genet. Well, due to difficulties that have arisen outside of this site, Genet will no longer be running the Cardcaptors section of the site. Therefore, I am left to do it on my own.
Now, it comes to mind that the original BaCB wasn't complete. As closely as possible, I will follow the format for the original site while creating the new one. As well, I had been meaning to add some extra sections to the sites. These will still be created, however I'm faced with the small task of deciding which sections to keep (I'm a student running this site on free diskspace...) This shouldn't take too long, but who knows what could happen. The life of Night Shade can get pretty hectic...
Anyway, I'll try to have the site up as soon as possible. However, I'm battling school, a social life, a slow 'net connection, and other sites that I'm affiliated with in order to do so. Please, have patience.
Thanks. Ja ne ^-^!

What's New?

I finally got my butt in gear and published the site! *Cheers* I've got the character bios up, galleries, and I've started the fun/misc. content section. I'll make sure that I add more to that section soon. I've just got to sit my butt down and actually do some work on it... *looks sheepish* Anyhoo, go ahead and check out the site. Hope you enjoy what I've done so far.

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